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Dear Parents / Guardians,
The end of the first quarter has arrived! Who would have imagined that it would have flown by so quickly!
As one reflects on the many formal and informal activities of the past few months, it can truly be said that SCIS-HQ is an incredibly busy place. With academics of course being the focal point, all our extra enrichment programs definitely enhance a wonderful holistic pedagogic international experience for all. I am sure all will agree.
None of this is possible without the wonderful committed teachers and administrators we are fortunate to have, the exceptional parental support, and not least of all, our wonderful student body. It would be nearly impossible to try and list a “Thank You” to all, but should you consider the multitude of achievements of the past few months, I am sure you would agree that SCIS-HQ is a very special school.
Thank you and congratulations!
Wishing you all a very safe and wonderful break, and see you all on Monday 7th October, 2013!
Dr. Rockey W. du Randt

Dear Parents / Guardians and friends of the SCIS –HQ Community,

As we enter our first sessions of After School Activities (ASA’s), Performing Arts rehearsals, multiple sporting practices and events, and considering the fact that we are such a large urban campus, we always need to be vigilant regarding safety and security.

Please kindly note that we shall be tightening up on our school security protocols with immediate effect.

We will need your support, patience and cooperation to do this, so I kindly ask that you carefully read through the following (taken from our published School Policy), and proactively abide by these regulations.


On normal school days, campuses are “open” from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Members of the school community and visitors are free to enter and exit when school is open.  Students in uniform enter freely; teachers, parents and administrators enter using their ID card (or sign in if they have forgotten their card), and parents and visitors sign in on entry.  ID cards for SCIS-HIS parents and alumni are available by application.* Alumni are granted access to visit the school campus during after school hours, and by invitation or appointment during school hours.  The school reserves the right to refuse entry to any person deemed a risk to the learning environment.

*Parents / Guardians, who wish to apply for an ID card, please kindly email Elena Han including a passport photograph. Elena can be found at her desk at the entrance of A building. It may take a few days to process the ID card, so your patience will be appreciated.

Additional security measures will be introduced for private cars entering the campus at morning drop off.  Parents wishing to enter campus may request (again via Elena), a car placard that will be displayed on the dashboards so guards and admin can identify pre-approved vehicles.  All other private vehicles will be stopped for identification purposes.

The guards have been informed by the facilities management to make no exceptions, so kindly understand they are under strict instruction.

Thank you to all for understanding, and for assisting us in keeping SCIS-HQ as safe as possible.


 Dr. Rockey W. du Randt                                

Head of School - HQ


SCIS-HQ is hosting Dr. Tim Coles, the “Operation Wallacea” director, and Dr. Martin Speight, Director of Admissions for Oxford University, Zoology Department on the 3rd of the September at 5 pm, in the SCIS HQ Theatre. Our guests shall be giving a formal lecture regarding Zoological research currently being carried out on various animal communities in South Africa.  Dr. Martin Speight and his team work with high school students as assistants for their research work, and their Summer Camps and Internship opportunities will be described during the seminar. HQ students between grades 8 -10 are invited to attend the seminar. As always, parents and faculty are most welcome to join.

BBQ Lunch and Entertainment 12H00 – 15H00

Dear all,


A very warm welcome once again to the 2013 – 2014 school year!



Our annual Back to School Barbeque will take place on Saturday, 24th August 2013, at the SCIS – HQ campus.

From 12.00 to 15.00 we shall have musical entertainment, food and beverages. Each SCIS family will receive a food voucher at the entrance for parents and children of our SCIS HQ – ECE community.  


Children at HongqiaoI wish to remind you of a few things that will hopefully make the event more enjoyable:

  • Please bring a blanket for sitting on the “grass” of our brand new sports field
  • An umbrella may be a good idea (this is an outdoor event)
  • Kindly have your driver or taxi drop you off – we have very limited parking near the school
  • Please remember that this event is about relaxing, socializing with friends and getting to know others in the SCIS community

Aside from the suggestions above, I would like to let you know that the event will go ahead even if there is rain.  This year, our indoor LS gym facilities will be able for shelter if needed!


I look forward to meeting you on the day.


Best wishes,


Dr. Rockey W. du Randt

Head of School - HQ


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! I trust that you and your families all enjoyed a wonderful and safe summer break, that you and your children find yourselves well rested, and now are all ready for an exciting new academic year.


Principals, Mr. Evan Hunt, Mr. Dan Kerr and Mr. Andrew Powell, shall be sending out their first news bulletins in due course, but I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with few items of news and information as the school undertakes it final preparations for the up-coming start of the school year.


New Faculty: Our wonderful new teachers and administrators have all safely arrived and are currently participating in our formal New Faculty Orientation Week. We are fortunate to have such a talented and experienced group joining our superiorly skilled returning faculty. I have no doubt that this forthcoming school year will once again prove to be something very special for all members of the SCIS community.


Summer Schools: SCIS-HQ held two very successful summer schools, which began immediately after the close of the last school year in June. Mr. Dan Zimmermann coordinated the Grade 2 – 10 programs, whilst a group of IBDP specialists facilitated our second DP Summer School for our new grade 12 cohort.


Building Renovations and Maintenance: Our business manager Mr. Francis Lai has spent the entire summer on campus, facilitating and monitoring the renovation of certain areas of the school, and the maintenance projects of the entire school. These projects included both capital as well as cosmetic aspects, to begin the year with a shiny new campus. Thanks to Mr. Lai and our Operations Team.


IB DP Results: Our recently graduated students were very successful with their internationally and externally assessed DP May 2013 exam session. Once again, our school has improved on past results, and our school average is again above the global average. With the maximum score being 45, seven of our seniors achieved above 40, with 43 being the highest. The schools average score for this past group was 34. Further details will soon be published by Ms. Jasmine Koenig, DP Coordinator and HS vice Principal

Of course, it is the students themselves who should be congratulated for their effort in creating their own success, working with their experienced and dedicated teachers.


Class Placements: Classroom teacher announcements and class placements will be sent out to all families on the afternoon of Monday, August 12th.  Please kindly do not seek information beforehand, as the process is incredibly challenging and the pedagogic faculty need uninterrupted time to make sure this happens accurately. Please note that school administrators will be fully engaged with their teachers’ right up to that Monday.


Lower School New Family Orientation will commence on August 13th with a short introduction in the theatre at 9am. Returning parents are welcome to attend the Open House from 1 – 3pm on that day.

Middle School New Family Orientation will also commence on August 13th with a short introduction in the theatre at 10am. Returning parents are welcome to attend the Open House from 1 – 3pm on that day.

High School New Family Orientation will commence on August 13th with a short introduction in the theatre at 11am. Returning parents are welcome to attend the Open House from 1 – 3pm on that day.


PLEASE NOTE: It is vitally important that Returning Families adhere to the afternoon session, as our teachers and administrators will be very busy with our large group of new families. Your support in this matter shall be highly appreciated.

Transport: Please kindly review the information and emails send out, on numerous occasions, during the last month of the last school year. Please kindly direct any queries directly to the appropriate department.

Elaine Huang – Head of Transportation

Uniforms: Please kindly review the information and emails send out, on numerous occasions, during the last month of the last school year. Please kindly direct any queries directly to the appropriate department.

Jenny Zhou – Uniform Office 

Welcome Back BBQ: Scheduled for Saturday 24th, 2013. Come rain or shine, we would love to see you all at this traditional school event.

Please always keep in mind that information is constantly being updated on our new school website: and I would encourage all parents and community members to visit this important source of information as often as possible.

Once again, welcome!

With our excellent faculty and administrators, fantastic facilities, and a supportive parent body, I am sure we shall all reflect in June 2014 on another fantastic school year!




Dear Parents,

Please Yearbook_Order_Form_SY1213.

Please place the order form in an envelope with the required amount of money and return to the school finance department. Please place the exact amount of money in the envelop.

The yearbooks will be delivered before the end of the school year and distributed to students on or around the 10th of June.

If you would like additional information, please contact Joel Sutton at

Dear SCIS-HIS Community,


As most are aware, several cases of the Avian Flu strain H7N9 have been reported in the Shanghai region.  The news media have given extraordinary coverage of this development due to its novel nature and the potential concern should an influenza strain mutate to human-to-human transmission.  While regular food-hygiene and health guidelines address the threat of H7N9 in its current form, the SCIS-HIS Avian Flu Contingency Plan calls for additional precautions when the virus is present in our region.  For example, while international and local medical experts currently state that consumption of poultry in the region is safe when prepared and handled properly, SCIS-HIS food service has removed poultry meat and eggs from menus pending further investigation.  Effectively, SCIS-HIS has raised precautionary levels to Stage 2B (please see attached contingency plan for avian flu threats).  As with the 2007 Avian Flu concerns, these are precautionary measures only given the size and number of people within our schools.  Each individual household will need to evaluate health considerations of consumption of poultry at homes and restaurants.


Each school year, SCIS-HIS reviews and modifies its plan for how to prevent, monitor, and address a range of potential health or security issues.  We feel this is an appropriate time to remind you of our current health guidelines and procedures as related to prevention of the spread of common illnesses such as seasonal and novel influenza (including the Avian Flu H7N9 and Swine Flu H1N1).


Our SCIS-HIS community is highly mobile – traveling all over the world for family and business reasons.  As such, many are aware that past human-to-human outbreaks of H1N1 and Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease (HFMD)prompted Chinese authorities to put into place stringent screening and monitoring controls to prevent and contain the spread of any virus in its contagious stage.  In effect, these measures contained the spread of these outbreaks in China and minimized theimpact on our educational program.  However, viruses do not respect boundaries and with recent news of cases of bird-to-human transmission of Avian Flu H7N9, we will be carefully monitoring the situation as a school-community, staying in constant contact with a number of health authorities, the Shanghai and Hangzhou Education Commissions (SEC and HEC), as well as other international school administrators.


Routine Precautions at SCIS-HIS Schools

SCIS-HIS takes the following actions to limit the spread of infectious illnesses on our campuses:

  • Raising awareness of good health practices for all staff and students.
  • Ensuring extra disinfecting of premises on a routine basis.
  • Raising expectations for hand washing, especially before eating and after recess.
  • Increasing vigilance for flulike symptoms at school; expecting vigilance at home.


Specific Actions when Reports by Chinese Authorities of Bird-to-Human Influenza Infection within the Shanghai-Hangzhou Region (Stage 2B as per SCIS-HIS Avian Flu Contingency Plan)

  • The security staff will restrict entry to the campus of all people except students, staff, parents, SCIS-HIS drivers, preauthorized guests and essential suppliers.
  • All students and staff who experience flu-like symptoms should remain at home for a minimum period of 5 consecutive days. The administration may need to require doctor’s certificate of health prior to readmission to school.
  • Students, staff and parents will be asked not to visit livestock markets, not to handle live poultry, and not to handle dead or dying birds. They will be asked immediately to report any incidents regarding contact with livestock, poultry, and dead or dying birds. The school will report any incidents of dead or dying birds to the relevant authorities.
  • The school will evaluate and closely monitor hygiene procedures with catering and transportation service contractors.
  • The school may appoint an additional nurse or nursing assistant. The nurses will monitor the health of students, staff, parents, and SCIS-HIS drivers/bus monitors.
  • Upon advice from the relevant authorities, the school will consider cancelling all or select field trips, social events and sporting fixtures.
  • The school will stop all use of poultry products in school, including meat and eggs.
  • The school will disseminate to the SCIS-HIS community all information obtained from the government and medical authorities.


Flulike Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Running Nose
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Unusual Coughing


As a precautionary measure, SCIS-HIS nursing staff and faculty will be monitoring for students with flulike symptoms.  Students showing these symptoms will be asked to be picked up to return home, and parents will be advised to seek medical advice and remain at home in voluntary isolation until the medical diagnosis is obtained or the illness has passed.  SCIS-HIS may request families show doctor’s permission to return to school in certain cases of illness.  SCIS-HIS also reserves the right to ask families to self-quarantine before returning to school if they have visitedareas of the world know to have high incidence of novel influenza strains.


When Flulike Symptoms Exist at Home

Keeping sick children at home is a normal precaution that we encourage under any circumstance as it is the most effective way to prevent the spread of flu or other infectious illness.  As the seasons change, children will become more susceptible to getting sick.  Parents are requested to keep their children at home if they are notfeeling well – regardless of the symptoms.


Basic Good Health Practices

We recommend the following everyday actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause enterovirus (such as HFMD) or respiratory illnesses (such as seasonal flu or H1N1):

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze.  Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • If you get sick with influenza, seek medical advice, stay home from work or school, and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.


Please be reminded that SCIS-HIS teachers and nurses have been requested towork routinely with our students in taking the basic health practices as outlined above.  In addition, we request that parents continue to work with their children at home in reminding them to follow these precautions.


For information on the current status of pandemic illnesses and possible travel advisories:


World Health Organization:

(websites have various language options)


Center for Disease Control (USA):


We will continue to monitor this situation and take appropriate action as recommended by our nursing staff and local/national authorities.  You can be confident that SCIS-HIS schools have contingency plans in place to maintain the educational integrity of our institution and the safety and security of our children.  If you have any specific questions or health concerns in regard to illnesses and disease, we advise contacting a physician.




Jeffry R. Stubbs

Superintendent of Schools

From the Office of the Head of School

1st March, 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to a new Month! As per an earlier newsletter this year, I promised to update you on the wonderful university and college, offers and acceptances our seniors are receiving. We are at the “half-way” point of receiving feedback and results from the full global reach to which our students have applied to, and many of the USA universities, shall be making our students offers this month and next.

Mr. Rafael Katz, our excellent University/College Councilor has over the past year and a half, restructured many of the methodologies used in the process of student college applications, and his innovative approaches definitely bared fruit. Well done to him, and all the other members of our professional staff who support his work. Of Course, the most important congratulations should be directed at the seniors themselves.

For those parents who do not have children in grades 11 and 12, you may be interested to know that SCIS-HQ Main approaches College/University Counseling from the perspective of the students’ needs and wishes. With such a wonderful diverse student body, we are able to cater for the full range of our students’ tertiary ambitions. Be it world class Art schools (performing or visual), to renowned universities/colleges offering Business Studies, Engineering programs, through to traditional “Ivy League” institutions.

Our current listing for your interest can be found below. Please note many of our seniors, some of those listed here, and many who are not, shall be receiving their application results within the next six weeks. I shall then again, update this list, of which we as a school are very proud of.


Dr. Rockey du Randt

Head of School – SCIS-HQ


2013 University Acceptances and Offers as at 1st March, 2013

Avi Arora: University of Kansas, Montana State.

Ariane Chan: Ataneo de Manila University, University of British Columbia.

Vivian Che: Kings College, University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, University of Lancaster, University of British Columbia, Western Ontario University (beginning as a year 2 student due to her IB Diploma).

Jennifer Cheung:  Liverpool University in Suzhou (Unconditional).

Grace Cho:  Hong Kong University (Partial scholarship)

Yoonhee Cho:  Lancaster University.

Edwin Choi:  University of Sheffield.

Nicole Duffy:  University of Manchester, University of St. Andrews.

Sarah Eldredge:  University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont.

Angela Fu: University of British Columbia.

TJ Gourlay:  University of Wyoming.

Joey Gribble:  Wittenberg University in Ohio (Scholarship $18,000 per year).

Jacky Guo:  University of British Columbia, Florida Institute of Technology (Scholarship $12,000 per year).

Adam He: University of Oxford,  Imperial College , University of St. Andrews , University College London, King’s College, Michigan State University.

Epic Jung: HKUST (full Scholarship), KAIST (Full Scholarship).

Karen Kim: University of Lancaster, University College London, Durham University, Kings College, Hong Kong University.

Yeji Lee: UC Irvine (Honors college).

Carnie Lewis: University of St. Andrews, University of Bath.

Julia Moon: Hong Kong University (full scholarship), KAIST (Full scholarship).

Hidde Ottens: University of Southampton.

Yeli Park: Tulane (Scholarship $20,000 per year), Ohio State University (Scholarship $1,500 per year), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Connecticut.

Celine Vang: University College Falmouth, Middlesex University, Southampton Solent University.

Joseph Wong:  California College of Art (Scholarship $7,000 per pear.), Academy of Art

Tom Soderstrom:  European Business School London, London Metropolitan University.

Sara Orbom Stovell: University of the Arts, London, Instituto Marangoni.

Tanner Vaughan:  University of Tampa ($5,000 scholarship), University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton, University of Bournemouth , University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Tennessee.

Sara Wellman: Lewis and Clark

Kelly Wu: CCA (Scholarship $8,000),

Sam Wu: Holt, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham.


Class of 2012 (Applying to University this year via SCIS-HQ Main)

Jiwon Lee: Seoul National University, Hong Kong University (Full scholarship).

Park Sang Jun - Yonsei University

Lee Kyou Dong - SoGang University

Lee Moon Hwan - HanYang University

Paolo Burini:  University of Tampa, Manhattan College.

Dear Parents/Guardians and the greater SCIS-HQ community,

For the grade 12 students, we are approaching a very exciting time as they receive their university application results, which are literally spread across the globe.

Many of our outstanding students are receiving exceptional offers, and the formal and complete listing should be available by the end of March, which we shall publish.

Of special note,
 Adam He, has just received an offer to attend the University of Oxford, to read Biological Sciences at Magdalen College. Congratulations Adam! You wholly deserve it!

A special “thank you” to all of Adam’s teachers and especially to Mr. Katz’s and his Counseling Office, in supporting such an exclusive application, leading to such a wonderful result.

I am sure that the SCIS-HQ community shall be receiving more similar excellent news in the near future.

Best wishes to all.

Dr. Rockey W. du Randt

Head of School

st January, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the new school semester. Seasonal Best Wishes for 2013! I trust that you have all enjoyed a restful winter break, and that your children are enthusiastically ready for an exciting semester of scholastic learning as well as the wide array of our offered sports and afterschool activities.



 We are pleased to announce the appointment of Evan Hunt, from the American School Foundation - Mexico City, as the new High School Principal of SCIS- Honqiao. His appointment will take effect from July 2013.

Mr. Hunt has considerable experience as an international school leader.  He has held senior positions at the American School Foundation - Mexico City, since 2008, during which time he managed the largest division on campus that included more than 900 students and 100 faculty/ staff members. While at ASF he became well trained and knowledgeable regarding the International Baccalaureate programs. Previous positions also included being High School/ Middle School Principal at the American School Durango in Mexico and Athletic Director at Berkshire School in Massachusetts and Indian Mountain School in Connecticut. Mr. Hunt’s professional career spans 14 years working in international and independent schools.  Mr. Hunt began working in education in 1999 as a History Teacher.

Mr. Hunt was born and educated in the United States, gaining his bachelors degree at the University of Minnesota and his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  Mr. Hunt currently holds an administrative credential from the state of Massachusetts. He is married with two children ages 5 and 9.

The following statement from Mr. Hunt provides further insight to his approach and educational philosophy:

“Throughout my Domestic and International career, I have been consistently reminded of the uniqueness of the Educational profession.  This profession requires us to be at the top of our game every day.  Teachers and Administrators are always on call when it comes to positively helping young students (regardless of their age) meet their educational goals and in encouraging parental support in meeting these goals.  In an academic setting we cannot allow our individual personalities and biases to interfere with meeting the main goal of preparing our students to thrive in today’s world experience.  We must indeed strive to be role models.  Students may forget the classroom specifics over time but they always remember the outstanding (and not so outstanding) teachers who participated in their development.”


Mr. Hunt and his family plan to travel to Shanghai in July to begin working at SCIS and he looks forward to becoming a positive member of the community.

On behalf of the entire SCIS-HQ community, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to Evan and his family.


Dr. Rockey W. du Randt


Head of School - HQ

15th January, 2013



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