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A Christmas Carol: The Musical

Dear SCIS Hongqiao Community

Note: Input will inform SCIS guidance programs and parent dialogues planned in conjunction with PAFA.  

I wish to extend my gratitude to our student volunteer Seo-Young Choi who translated this survey into Korean!

UN Day Celebration at SCIS- HQ Main


After School Activities Canceled October 8th 2013

Dear SCIS Community                                                      

From the Office of the Head of School

Dear Parents / Guardians,

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Campus Security Notification

Dear Parents / Guardians and friends of the SCIS –HQ Community,

As we enter our first sessions of After School Activities (ASA’s), Performing Arts rehearsals, multiple sporting practices and events, and considering the fact that we are such a large urban campus, we always need to be vigilant regarding safety and security.

Please kindly note that we shall be tightening up on our school security protocols with immediate effect.

Visiting Oxford Professors

SCIS-HQ is hosting Dr. Tim Coles, the “Operation Wallacea” director, and Dr.


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