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MYP Service and Action

Service Opportunity Form For Teachers

If teachers want to provide a srvice and action activity or project, please fill out the form. Thank you! :)

Service and Action Project- For Grade 8 ONLY


Gratitude tree-Wellness Week.

¡Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm x 4 weeks (Plus wellness week responsibilities)

20th oct, 27th oct, 3rd Nov, 10th Nov

¡Maximum students 20
¡Students make 1200 leaves from paper that would be added to a beautiful gratitude tree as part of Wellness week. 

   Students would distribute these leaves to each MS classroom each day at 7.45am and collect them at 3pm.

   Between 3-4pm students would then add them to the Gratitude tree in the MS plaza. 

¡Sign up: on ManageBac
¡Senior Citizen house- Are you a Performer? Do you want to create something with your friends? Telling jokes, telling stories, playing Chinese music, dancing, speaking Chinese!
¡Every Thursday after school

 8 - 10 weeks

¡Sign up: on ManageBac
¡15 maximum
¡Bright Connection
¡You will prepare for your China trip experience. You will contact the bright connection to find out how we can be helpful to them this year.
¡Every Monday after school

 8 - 10 weeks

¡Sign up: on ManageBac
¡15 maximum 
¡Tian Yi primary school- Read English books to Grade 4 students, talk to them in English to help with with their English skills.
¡Every Thursday after school

 8 - 10 weeks

¡Sign up: on ManageBac
¡15 maximum 
What if I can’t do any project mentioned above?
¡Create your own project with your friends. (Talk to Ms. Sherwood or Ms. Wang before you start.)
¡Create a service club for next sessions of Wednesday clubs.


How to create your own service and action activity or project?

  1. 1. Fill out the Service form and turn it in to Ms. Wang or Ms. Sherwood.
  2. 2. When you get approval from Ms. Wang or Ms. Sherwood, you need to create this activity or project on your Manage Bac.


Please watch a tutorial video.

Watch it on You Tube:


Watch it on Chinese You Ku:

Service and Action Examples for Activities and Projects

Examples of S&A activities


Newsletter translations The school writes regular newsletters to parents and the wider community. Students can help translate it into their mother tongue (recordings of summaries of the content) to help all members of the community find out what is going on at SCIS.


After-school care

The school runs an after-­‐school care programme for elementary and ELC students. If you enjoy working with younger children, this may be for you.


Assistant coach/instructor for younger students School sports clubs and activities often need older students to help out with these activities. Give back to the community while practicing your athletic skills.


Helping out in the library/science labs Give a helping hand by supporting the librarian or lab technician.


Work with disabled children or with the elderly Find a volunteering opportunity in the wider community.


Examples of S&A projects


A virtual tour of XX for new students and parents

Create a video of SCIS and the surrounding area. Narrate it in different languages. Post it on the school’s website or YouTube channel for new families.


Become a coach or instructor Start up a sports club or become a dance or theatre instructor for younger students. You will be required to think up activities for the participating students and take responsibility for their learning.



School news editor

Establish a school news outlet that reports on events happening inside and outside the classroom. Collate, edit and publish contributions for the school community, either on SCIS website, social media sites, or even in the local media.


Plan and paint a mural Paint a mural at school or in the community. 

How to Sign Up for Service and Action Activity and How to Write Reflection


This video shows you:

1. Attend the group on manage bac

2. Add the group to your Service and Action on manage bac

Watch it on You Tube:


Watch it on Chinese You Ku:


This video shows you:

3. Write reflections on manage bac


Watch it on You Tube:


Watch it on Chinese You Ku:




2016/2017 Middle School Service and Action Introduction


All the grade 8 students should complete at least one project by the end of grade 8. 


IFF Service and Action

All MS and HS students are welcome to sign up for the International Food Festival Volunteer opportunities. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our cultural diversity at SCIS, but also to give back to our community. Thank you for your help.

The IFF will take place on Saturday, Oct. 24 from 11 am to 3 pm, but there will be opportunities for students to get 2 hour segments from 10:30 - 12:30, 12:30 - 2:30, or 2:00 - 4:00. The first shift will help with set up and organization, while the second shift will help with selling and stocking. The final shift will help clean up and finish the event.

Volunteer opportunities include: 

* Drink Booth 

* Country Booth 

* Country Games Supervision + Organization 

* Face Painting 

* Raffle Basket Booth 

* Student Volunteer Coordinator 

* Sign Making —all signs to be completed by Friday, Oct. 23

Students in MS will have forms that will be signed by the supervisors, but HS students will be automatically placed in the IFF Volunteer Group in Managebac. Students will be expected to take photos of their service, upload reflections to Managebac, and generally work with others to take on some new challenges over the course of the event. For HS grade 9/10, this is considered in-school service. For grade 11/12, please talk with your CAS coordinator for how you classify this activity.

If you have other questions, please see Ms. Wang, Ms. Andrea, or Ms. O’Fee for more information.

Sign up for your preferred slot of “in-school” service at this link:

Please do not delete or write over anyone else's name in the document. You will need to click the "Edit in Word Online" link so you can add your name and contact information. Please also list your division (HS or MS). 

When writing your name, be sure to include BOTH first and last names.

Middle School Service and Action-PPT

You can find the following inforamtion from this PPT:


What is Service and Action?

What is not Service and Action?

Four Types of Service and Action.

Some service ideas.

Why is Service and Action important?


What are the requirements for Service and Action for 2015-2016?


What are the steps?


Service Learning Opportunities- Second Semester 2014-2015

Updated on March 16th: 

Please contace Ms. Wang if you have any questions.

Community Service for MS and HS
There are two service activities coming next week. Please sign up in power school for April service. 
Senior Citizen House 
Community service opportunity to do performances (singing, dancing, music, etc..) at the Senior Citizen House. This is a 10 minute walk from SCIS.
Start from next Tuesday, and then it’s a program for every Monday.  
Tianyi Primary School

Help Chinese students with their English books reading and their reading report.

Bus is provided.

Start from September 18th. It’s a program for every Thursday.


You can sign up in power school now, just as you sign up for your after school activities. 



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