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Welcome to the Lower School of Shanghai Community International School’s Hongqiao campus. The school services an international student population of approximately 400 students in Grades 2 through 5 by providing our students with opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence in a nurturing, international community environment. The student population at SCIS is a very diverse group that represents what an international school should be. Our students come to us from countries around the world and bring with them unique backgrounds and benefits for our school learning environment. We work hard to embrace that community and celebrate our differences as well as our commonalities in the classroom setting and on the playground. Our school delivers selected, purposeful international curriculum through an inquiry based model that allows students to direct their learning in guided inquiry to achieve a higher level of understanding and apply it to real world authentic situations. We differentiate programming to accommodate the various learning styles of our students and to enable them to progress in manner that capitalizes on their current level of understanding. A comprehensive learning plan exists outside of the classroom. We encourage our students to be risk takers, internationally minded, caring and open minded through supervised play and structured after school programming. Our students continue to develop and grow while pursuing physical activity and social situations in safe surroundings. We continue to grow as a school and develop our best practice model for the delivery of programming to our students. Staff are training with the goal of  becoming a Primary Years Programme School in the next few years. It is a process that is full of opportunity and reflection to deliver the best model of instruction for your child. We are progressive in our thinking and practice and encourage participation on a broad scale to make sure we offer our students the richest learning environment possible.Our staff are well trained and equipped with the tools needed to make you child’s learning experience pleasant and offer the greatest opportunity for growth.Welcome to SCIS! I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your child.



Kevin Haggith

Lower School Principal

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