SCIS 2016 GIN Conference is now over and was a great success, thanks for everyone’s participation! 🙂

Shanghai Community International School


Welcome to “EnGINeering Our Future” 2016. This year’s Middle School Global Issues Network Conference will be centered around designing a safe, prosperous, and sustainable future. Students will experience a collaborative and interactive two days where forming new friendships, and strengthening relationships built from past conferences will happen throughout the weekend.

 1 city, 1 weekend, 250 students


EnGINeering Zero Waste Cities

We look forward to seeing all of us come together to share what we are all so passionate about – leading by example through our action projects.


A satirical, yet honest look at the evolution of human beings. As shocking as it appears, does it have some truth behind it?

The World we are Working Together to EnGINeer….


EnGINeering Our Future Workshop Sign ups are now closed!


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PANDOO NATION                                      Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.32.36 PM

Global Issue Network