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Volunteers for College Connections
USA College/University Name Contact Name Email
California UCLA Aivy Miller
Connecticut University of Connecticut Dan Whitaker
Florida Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Roy Weinberg
Iowa Grinnell College Eric Johnson
Iowa Grinnell College Brenda Johnson
New York NYU Bevin Maguire
New York Rochester Institute of Technology Jim Power
New York Columbia Univeristy Brenda Johnson
Ohio Oberlin College Mun Chang
Oklahoma University of Tulsa Joel Sutton
Oregon University of Oregon Lisa Algstam
Texas Rice University Kristianna Foye
Texas Rice University Robert Foye
Texas SMU – Southern Methodist University Dan Whitaker
Vermont University of Vermont Dan Whitaker
Washington, D.C. George Washington University Mun Chang
Washington, D.C. Georgetown University Sophie de Bellescize
Washington, D.C. Georgetown University Eric Johnson
Europe College/University Name Contact Name Email
United Kingdom Oxford University Sophie de Bellescize
Australia College/University Name Contact Name Email
Sidney Macquarie University Clemente Tsang


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