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UN Day Celebration at SCIS- HQ Main
(In the event of rain, there will be an email sent from the Head of School rescheduling the event)
The Purpose of the Day 
UN Day is our all-school event that celebrates our cultural diversity. The event fosters a community of world citizenship and the ties into the SCIS Upper School Model United Nations program. 
Schedule for the Morning   *times are approximate
8:00 – School Begins
8:15 – LS and US students go to respective country rooms 
8:25 – Parade participants assemble in bus lane
8:40 – Marching band begins parade
9:15 – UN Day Opening, HOS Introduction, Model UN speaker Anaïs Andreotti
9:45 – Closing by a song sung by the Lower School students, and Dismissal to classes
Expectations for/of Parents
Please arrive at the school after 8:20 am, (parking will be difficult) with your cameras ready. Follow the signs to the area on the soccer field set aside for parents, standing behind the seating area for students. Once the parade is finished and children are seated, please help us focus the students by drawing your attention to the speakers and performances. A new sound system has been purchased, but as with any outdoor event, we need everyone's assistance for a successful event.
Expectations for Students
All students should come to school dressed in traditional/cultural or country-spirited attire. Please encourage your student to get into the spirit of the day (celebrating their heritage) and be creative in their outfits. Any student who chooses not dress in the spirit of their country will wear their school uniform.
Thanks for helping us make this a successful event celebrating our SCIS-HQ community!
The UN Day Planning Committee:
Melinda Tatum Kaiser
Diane Watt
Angela Moran
Sean Dennison
Angela Staron

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