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HQ Theater Performance


MARCH 20 & 21 @7:00pm


Process From Page to Stage

Student technicians and designers are transforming the entire auditorium into a fantastical playground that represents a mystical place at the edge of the world where time and dreams collide.  This week the actors and technicians worked on the flowing curtains we will be using as part of our sets.  The flowing curtains can be shaped to be any column, wall, or tree.



Marlo Fowler, who plays Titania the Fairy Queen  describes the rehearsal as, “Entering a world that we can shape… we have all these amazing, noble and regal characters that we have the power to make a reality.  When we are all onstage together, its not like our characters are onstage in our world, its like we have entered their story.”



MIDSUMMER comes in Mid March.  Tickets will be available soon!

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