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College Acceptances 2013

From the Office of the Head of School

1st March, 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to a new Month! As per an earlier newsletter this year, I promised to update you on the wonderful university and college, offers and acceptances our seniors are receiving. We are at the “half-way” point of receiving feedback and results from the full global reach to which our students have applied to, and many of the USA universities, shall be making our students offers this month and next.

Mr. Rafael Katz, our excellent University/College Councilor has over the past year and a half, restructured many of the methodologies used in the process of student college applications, and his innovative approaches definitely bared fruit. Well done to him, and all the other members of our professional staff who support his work. Of Course, the most important congratulations should be directed at the seniors themselves.

For those parents who do not have children in grades 11 and 12, you may be interested to know that SCIS-HQ Main approaches College/University Counseling from the perspective of the students’ needs and wishes. With such a wonderful diverse student body, we are able to cater for the full range of our students’ tertiary ambitions. Be it world class Art schools (performing or visual), to renowned universities/colleges offering Business Studies, Engineering programs, through to traditional “Ivy League” institutions.

Our current listing for your interest can be found below. Please note many of our seniors, some of those listed here, and many who are not, shall be receiving their application results within the next six weeks. I shall then again, update this list, of which we as a school are very proud of.


Dr. Rockey du Randt

Head of School – SCIS-HQ


2013 University Acceptances and Offers as at 1st March, 2013

Avi Arora: University of Kansas, Montana State.

Ariane Chan: Ataneo de Manila University, University of British Columbia.

Vivian Che: Kings College, University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, University of Lancaster, University of British Columbia, Western Ontario University (beginning as a year 2 student due to her IB Diploma).

Jennifer Cheung:  Liverpool University in Suzhou (Unconditional).

Grace Cho:  Hong Kong University (Partial scholarship)

Yoonhee Cho:  Lancaster University.

Edwin Choi:  University of Sheffield.

Nicole Duffy:  University of Manchester, University of St. Andrews.

Sarah Eldredge:  University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont.

Angela Fu: University of British Columbia.

TJ Gourlay:  University of Wyoming.

Joey Gribble:  Wittenberg University in Ohio (Scholarship $18,000 per year).

Jacky Guo:  University of British Columbia, Florida Institute of Technology (Scholarship $12,000 per year).

Adam He: University of Oxford,  Imperial College , University of St. Andrews , University College London, King’s College, Michigan State University.

Epic Jung: HKUST (full Scholarship), KAIST (Full Scholarship).

Karen Kim: University of Lancaster, University College London, Durham University, Kings College, Hong Kong University.

Yeji Lee: UC Irvine (Honors college).

Carnie Lewis: University of St. Andrews, University of Bath.

Julia Moon: Hong Kong University (full scholarship), KAIST (Full scholarship).

Hidde Ottens: University of Southampton.

Yeli Park: Tulane (Scholarship $20,000 per year), Ohio State University (Scholarship $1,500 per year), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Connecticut.

Celine Vang: University College Falmouth, Middlesex University, Southampton Solent University.

Joseph Wong:  California College of Art (Scholarship $7,000 per pear.), Academy of Art

Tom Soderstrom:  European Business School London, London Metropolitan University.

Sara Orbom Stovell: University of the Arts, London, Instituto Marangoni.

Tanner Vaughan:  University of Tampa ($5,000 scholarship), University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton, University of Bournemouth , University of Colorado - Boulder, University of Tennessee.

Sara Wellman: Lewis and Clark

Kelly Wu: CCA (Scholarship $8,000),

Sam Wu: Holt, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham.


Class of 2012 (Applying to University this year via SCIS-HQ Main)

Jiwon Lee: Seoul National University, Hong Kong University (Full scholarship).

Park Sang Jun - Yonsei University

Lee Kyou Dong - SoGang University

Lee Moon Hwan - HanYang University

Paolo Burini:  University of Tampa, Manhattan College.

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