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Campus Security Notification

Dear Parents / Guardians and friends of the SCIS –HQ Community,

As we enter our first sessions of After School Activities (ASA’s), Performing Arts rehearsals, multiple sporting practices and events, and considering the fact that we are such a large urban campus, we always need to be vigilant regarding safety and security.

Please kindly note that we shall be tightening up on our school security protocols with immediate effect.

We will need your support, patience and cooperation to do this, so I kindly ask that you carefully read through the following (taken from our published School Policy), and proactively abide by these regulations.


On normal school days, campuses are “open” from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Members of the school community and visitors are free to enter and exit when school is open.  Students in uniform enter freely; teachers, parents and administrators enter using their ID card (or sign in if they have forgotten their card), and parents and visitors sign in on entry.  ID cards for SCIS-HIS parents and alumni are available by application.* Alumni are granted access to visit the school campus during after school hours, and by invitation or appointment during school hours.  The school reserves the right to refuse entry to any person deemed a risk to the learning environment.

*Parents / Guardians, who wish to apply for an ID card, please kindly email Elena Han including a passport photograph. Elena can be found at her desk at the entrance of A building. It may take a few days to process the ID card, so your patience will be appreciated.

Additional security measures will be introduced for private cars entering the campus at morning drop off.  Parents wishing to enter campus may request (again via Elena), a car placard that will be displayed on the dashboards so guards and admin can identify pre-approved vehicles.  All other private vehicles will be stopped for identification purposes.

The guards have been informed by the facilities management to make no exceptions, so kindly understand they are under strict instruction.

Thank you to all for understanding, and for assisting us in keeping SCIS-HQ as safe as possible.


 Dr. Rockey W. du Randt                                

Head of School - HQ


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