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9th and 10th Grade Counseling

New Students


Students new to SCIS will have an orientation day that begins with selecting a schedule, receiving a laptop and collecting a uniform. Then students will be paired with a buddy who will take them to classes all day, so they can learn the schedule, find classrooms and meet other students. On day two, students will begin with their own schedule.



Transition Program

Beginning in February of grade 8, students are invited to learn about high school through a variety of activities, meetings and assemblies. Some of these include:

·      Parent Program that reviews graduation requirements, credits and introduces the IB program

·      Student assembly with an overview of the registration process and course selection

·      Student Activity assembly where students learn about activities in high school and how to get involved

·      Student Group Orientation in which small groups of 8th graders are hosted by different high school departments


Grade 9

Summer Orientation is an opportunity for students to receive schedules, lockers, and laptops (if needed). They will meet upperclassmen and participate in team building activities.


Dragon Time Advisory program will pair students with an advisor who monitors academic progress and makes recommendations for success. Other topics include time management, goal setting, note-taking, community service, strengths identification and analysis.


Grade 10

Dragon Time Advisory continues the topics above and includes IB preparation tools like research and writing skills. Students will also work on Strengths development and career interest exploration using the Naviance program.


The PSAT test will be given to all students in grade 10 to help in academic planning.



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