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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer Madness is upon us.  The SCIS Hongiao production of Shakespeare’s eternal comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is being presented on March 20 and 21 at 7:00 in the theater.  Tickets are 50RMB and can be purchased from Renee Zhao in the main office.  Don’t miss out on this updated international twist on an English classic.  


Over 50 students from the upper school take this uproarious tale of love and mistaken identity to new heights and stranger territory in this uniquely SCIS international interpretation.  Characters from the play include the mischievous Puck, the 4 impetuous lovers, and the clownish Bottom who is turned into a donkey.


Students are challenged on many different levels throughout the rehearsal process as they master Shakespeare's poetry as well as the very physical action of the production.  Student technicians and designers have transformed the entire auditorium into a fantastical playground that represents a mystical place at the edge of the world where time and dreams collide.  Many aspects of the technical design are the end result of weeks and months of design by the students who have volunteered to take the world and words of Shakespeare and transpose them to visual designs. 


Mathletes in Vietnam

Dragon Cup

Dragon News - January 2015

Head of School Monthly Newsletter

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HQ Theater Performance


MARCH 20 & 21 @7:00pm


Process From Page to Stage

Student technicians and designers are transforming the entire auditorium into a fantastical playground that represents a mystical place at the edge of the world where time and dreams collide.  This week the actors and technicians worked on the flowing curtains we will be using as part of our sets.  The flowing curtains can be shaped to be any column, wall, or tree.



Marlo Fowler, who plays Titania the Fairy Queen  describes the rehearsal as, “Entering a world that we can shape… we have all these amazing, noble and regal characters that we have the power to make a reality.  When we are all onstage together, its not like our characters are onstage in our world, its like we have entered their story.”



MIDSUMMER comes in Mid March.  Tickets will be available soon!

SCIS Scholarship Program


On Tuesday December 16th the Middle School Drama Classes will be presenting “SHOWCASE 6”.  

This theatrical experience is a showcase of acting talent from the 6 middle school drama classes.  

The show begins at 6:00pm onstage in the theatre.  

Join us for comedy, drama, and a celebration of talented students!


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