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Welcome to the Upper School of the Hongqiao campus of Shanghai Community International School. Our mission is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners who contribute positively to their communities.


SCIS is an amazing place to learn – as an educational community we have a diverse student body, a dedicated network of supportive parents, a world-class curriculum, and fantastic facilities.


We are a 3-Programme IB World School with a successful IB Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12, and a recently successfully authorized IB Middle Years Programme for Grades 6-10. As such, the IB mission statement and the IB Learner Profile pervades everything we do in the Upper School – developing students who will make the world a better and more peaceful place is not something we take lightly!


We recognize that the tremendous academic success of our student body would not be possible if we did not work so hard to make sure they were available for learning.


We do this by focusing on approaches to teaching with our staff and approaches to learning with our students.


Whether students leave us to go to pursue their post-secondary dreams or move with their families to other schools around the world, we try to make sure we provide them with a toolbox of learning and life skills – what we sometimes refer to as “learning to learn” and “knowing how to know”. These include skills in communication, thinking, self-management, research and social skills, including the so-called ‘soft-skills’ that we know to be some of the hardest for students to acquire – resilience, perseverance, self-motivation, and mindfulness.


Our core program in Grades 6-10 consists of Language & Literature, Language Acquisition (a choice of Mandarin, Spanish or French), Sciences, Individuals and Societies, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Design and the Arts (a choice of Music, Drama, Media and Visual Arts). These are delivered with the big picture in mind, purposefully contextualized to ensure students can see connections between their learning and the world around them, with some space to inquire and pursue their own interests, and with timely and actionable feedback built in to the process to ensure continuous growth. 


In addition, students have thirty minutes a day in Dragon Time – a fantastic opportunity to work in small groups with an advisor in a number of key areas including, social-emotional well-being, learning skills development, career-counselling as well as school and community spirit initiatives.


Our Diploma Programme caters to students in Grades 11-12 and is recognized as the gold standard in preparing students for the rigors of University and beyond into their future careers. We work closely with students to select appropriate courses that will lead to successful placement in the eventual programs of their choice in the University of their choice.  


SCIS is not just about what happens in the classroom and we have a thriving and successful athletics program, a vibrant performing arts scene with performances in drama, music, and dance happening regularly as well a burgeoning service culture with students working in our community and taking meaningful action. 


This year, we’re talking to students about community and how they can positively impact the many communities of which they are part. These may be within a class, a sports team, inside and outside the walls of SCIS, or around the world! It is the meeting of these communities at our school that provides an amazing diversity in which to learn and grow. At the bottom of this page you can find an example of how two of our Grade 12 students have worked to help new arrivals at SCIS find their way at our school - they have created a welcome guide that will be indispensible for all new students. Well done Anna and Sophia!





Barclay Lelievre

Upper School Principal






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