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PAFA Board Members


Lisa Chu, PAFA president

I am privileged to be leading a 14-person Pafa team this year. Prior to my role as Pafa President, I was an Upper School Representative for two years. Our team is a perfect microcosm of the broader SCIS community, with members hailing from diverse backgrounds, having different skill-sets and talents, so that we can complement each other as we serve the SCIS community together. 


I come from Taiwan and grew up in South Korea, Southern Africa and the UK. I have two daughters: Annette (Grade 11) and Danielle (Grade 6), who are both passionate equestrians. This is our family’s 17th year in Shanghai. I worked previously as an international finance lawyer in private practice, then subsequently as an in-house corporate lawyer. In the past few years, I have been involved with a social enterprise which seeks to rescue and restore exploited women and children in the Asia-Pacific region.


Lonna Grady, PAFA secretary 

Hi everyone! My name is Lonna Grady and I am the PAFA secretary. I moved to Shanghai with my family 12 years ago from Columbus, Ohio where I worked as a nurse in Cardiology. I have one son that graduated from SCIS in June and is going to college in Florida, and another son that is in 11th grade. I enjoy biking, walking, reading, traveling and exploring Shanghai. I am looking forward to this year working with the PAFA team, meeting new families and serving the SCIS community. 


Nitika Bedi, PAFA treasurer 

I’m honoured to serve as PAFA treasurer this year. I am from India, and this is our 14th year in Shanghai. I have a finance background and used to work in banking back in India. 


I have two boys at school, Raghav (grade 8) and Madhav (grade 5). In my years at SCIS, I have volunteered as Passport Club co-ordinator, country ambassador and room parent. The strong sense of community and diversity that we have at school makes it enjoyable and rewarding to work with other parents. Our PAFA team this year is a dynamic, high-energy group and I am looking forward to connecting with more families over some great events ahead. 


Haley van Os, ECE rep 

I’m excited to be in my second year as the PAFA representative for ECE campus. I have two children at ECE, Nora is in Pre-K and Juliette is in Kindergarten. This is their third year here, and we couldn’t be happier with the school, staff, teachers and community. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, USA. However, we moved to Shanghai from the Netherlands, where my husband is from and my children were born. Our family loves traveling to new places, trying new foods and learning about different cultures. 


Milin Ip, ECE rep 

I was born in Belgium, originally from a Chinese family but 100% European in my heart! We moved from the Netherlands 2 years ago, with my beloved husband and our 2 boys (Matty PS/ Ethan G1). They are trilingual (French/English/Chinese) and love their school very much (HQ/Ece) 


In the past years I worked in an American company as process improvement/project manager where I collaborated with many nationalities. I’m very happy to have the same opportunity in Shanghai either within the school or the expat community. Last year, I helped many times at ECE as volunteer and room-parent and I liked it. Having said that, I very existed to be the ECE rep with Haley this year. I truly believe our team and all the volunteers are a great mix of talented women’s which will do great things for the school. 


Carrie Zhou, LS rep 

Hello, my name is Zhou, Xianying (Carrie). I relocated from Hangzhou, China and joined the SCIS community in 2018 as my daughter enrolled in 2nd grade. I had the privilege to support various parents sponsored activities at SCIS, in addition, to participating in cultural exchange programs. This year, I am volunteering to undertake the role as one of the lower school PAFA representatives at SCIS. The PAFA team is an excellent forum for learning and helping as I enjoy to support the interactions and communications between students, parents, teachers and the school. This community effort is aimed to support SCIS continue to strive for our children’s growth. I had a wonderful experience as a room parent for my daughter’s 2nd grade class and assisted the Girl Scouts activities. These and other activities I participated has excited me to do more. It’s a great honor to work with our dedicated PAFA members and their diverse talents and backgrounds. This is an enriching activity and feel thankful to be part of the team. 


Aimee Spahr- LS rep 

I am honored to serve the SCIS community as a Lower School representative. I look forward to supporting the connection between families and the school, as SCIS has played a key part in my own family’s positive experience in Shanghai. 


My family moved directly from the United States to Shanghai four years ago, and I was thankfully equipped for the change. My nomadic childhood, traveling from state to state harvesting wheat for farmers, prepared me to be flexible in new environments. And my 11 years of work with university students, both American and international, taught me the value of community and the beauty of cultural differences. Since arriving in Shanghai, our family has expanded to include four children: Chaya (4th grade), Asher (2nd grade), Abigail (K), and Meier (1 year old). I enjoy singing and spending time in nature, but my passion is people and good conversation. 


Renata Sommer- US rep (grades 6, 7& 8) 

My family and I have been living internationally for 17 years, I am Brazilian with mixed roots. My husband, Karsten, is German and grew up in Belgium. Different cultures and languages were always present in our lives. Our son, Theo (grade 7), has been living mostly in the Middle East and Asia, always studying in IB schools. I like to play guitar, sing, read and cook. Karsten, Theo and I love adventures and during holidays we like to go camping and enjoy the nature, swim in the sea or rivers, kayak, mountain bike and unicycle. I am a production engineer and worked with management systems, mainly environment and health & safety. As an expat I had the chance to experience different activities like teaching language, practicing Thai-massage and Tai-Chi. I want to continue developing myself and support the community around me, therefore I am now happily part of PAFA! 


Yolanda Viera- US rep (grades 9& 10) 

Yolanda Viera, from Brighton Michigan, grade 9 and 10 PAFA representative. Im married to David Viera. We have two children, Demetric (DJ) Robbins grade 10 and Myla Viera grade 4 at SCIS. We moved to Shanghai almost 2 years ago. I’m the Junior Cadets Leader of GirlScouts overseas USA. Myla’s 4 grade class parent and a substitute teacher at ECE and SCIS upper and lower school. I graduated from Washtenaw Community College with an associate degree in Occupational Studies. Later attended Eastern Michigan. I am a certified Phlebotomist and Medical Assistant. Thanks SCIS for welcoming the Vieras’ into the home of the Dragons. 


Nina Han, US rep (grades 11& 12) 

I am so very pleased to be part of the SCIS community as the Upper School Representative at Hongqiao campus. I was a Lower School and Middle School Representative for previous years. I am so very proud to be a part of the PAFA team that successfully brought strong support and connection between parents and school. 


I come from Taiwan and have two children in grade 8 and 12, this year is our 11 years with SCIS. I love spending my free time being active, exploring, learning, and traveling. I am thrilled to be a part of the SCIS community and to be an integral member that contributes with a wholehearted, caring and genuine approach and always proud to represent our SCIS Dragons and look forward to another great school year ahead! 


Carolyne Pang- Events team 

This is my second year serving the PAFA board as an event coordinator. I am very blessed to have a wonderful event team, each one equipped with special talents that is quintessential to achieving success in our PAFA and school community events. 


I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in England and Canada. I have a daughter Isabel (grade 8) and a son Markus (grade 4) , both love going to school everyday, and busy preparing for their first joint art exhibition at the moment. I majored in Psychology and received an MBA in Finance while working for my family business before moving to shanghai with my husband 20 years ago. I am fortunate to be a full time mother and be able to witness my children grow in this incredible SCIS environment, where they can truly enjoy their childhood. 


Jen Kim- Events team 

I am so thrilled to be part of the Events team this year. This will be our 3rd year in SCIS. The endless enjoyable school events my family had led me to take part in. Until last year, my daughter was in ECE campus (heavenly for lil kids!) and just started our main campus experience this year. If you see a woman who’s get lost in the lower level, that can be me. 


I am originally from Korea. I worked as a merchandiser at Gap Inc for 9 years and my ‘get it done first’ character will support our Events team. Shanghai is my family’s first living abroad destination. All of us enjoying the diversity that this enormous city and SCIS have to offer. 


Coco Wang- Events team 

I am Coco Wang, a true local, born and raised in Shanghai. I spent a large part of my career in public relations and marketing but now is contented to be a full-time mother and homemaker. My partner is from Singapore, working in a US MNC as the Asia CFO. Our lovely daughter, Rica, joins the SCIS family at Pre-K level in 2017 following a year spent in the US. In addition to taking care of the family, which also includes 2 dogs and 1 cat. I enjoy listening to Jazz & Latin music, reading and playing sports. I am picking up golf and the family has a weekly tennis lesson together during weekends. The target for the coming year is for everyone to learn how to ski. One thing that I would not say “no” to is an ice cold beer! :) 


Bebe Khue Jacobs- Events team 

I’m excited to join the PAFA Events Team this year. I relocated to Shanghai two years ago from Los Angeles. I have two sons in 4th and 7th Grade. We love the school and the community here at SCIS. 


I was born in Saigon, Vietnam, grew up in New York and received my master’s degree in Architecture from University of Virginia. I have worked in the US and Asia in Architecture, Business Development, Advertising and Marketing, Events Planning, Curating Art Exhibitions and running my own Photography Studio. My husband and I met while we were both working in Hong Kong. We love being back in Asia and sharing the expat experience with our boys. I am passionate about the arts & theater, love good food & traveling. I am grateful for the opportunities we have in Shanghai to explore and to meet wonderful people.


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