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Mission: Together as parents, students, staff, faculty and friends, we will build a solid foundation that unites our diversity and fosters a positive, cohesive community.


Vision: To provide support and resources to the school community through the coordination of activities and projects outside of the regular school provided curriculum.


Goals: To support and enhance SCIS by:

Promoting open communication between the Head of School, Head of ECE, other administrators, teachers, parents and other staff.

Encouraging the entire SCIS community to participate at school functions.

Providing an atmosphere for parental support, e.g. parents sharing ideas, experiences, problems, and solutions.

Organizing and/or contributing funds and services to classrooms, special projects, and extra-curricular activities, which is defined to be “above and beyond” the scope of the school wide curriculum.

Actively engage in programs and projects that promote Building Community within the SCIS community.

To encourage participation by all without discrimination.


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