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IB Diploma Programme

Welcome to the IB Diploma Programme web page for SCIS - Hongqiao Campus.


In this section, parents and students can find a variety of information that will allow them to access, plan, and prepare for their IB journey.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Subject Information

The following subjects are offered at SCIS, depending on student demand and minimum number requirements. Click on the HL or SL link below beside each subject to view the IB subject brief. 

Studies in Language and Literature

  • Language A: Literature HL and SL
  • Language A: Language and Literature HL and SL
  • School Supported Self-Taught Language A Literature SL

Language Acquisition

Individuals and Societies

  • Business Management HL / SL
  • Economics HL / SL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL **
  • Global Politics HL / SL
  • Psychology HL / SL


  • Biology HL / SL
  • Chemistry HL / SL
  • Design Technology HL / SL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL **
  • Physics HL / SL


  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL and SL
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL and SL

The Arts

IBDP Core (taken by all students)

** Environmental Systems and Societies can be taken in either group


Grading and Reporting of SCIS IBDP Subjects

All IBDP subjects at SCIS are graded against the IB 1-7 grade descriptors (see file below) and follow IB assessment practicesThe weighting of assessment components and the grade boundaries used for each subject are reviewed annually based on past student performance, feedback from the IB on our grading standards, global feedback from the IB for each subject area, and changes to course and/or cohort structures. For the current academic year, these weightings can be found in the SCIS DP Assessment Overview document on this page. Semester reports provide teacher comments on student performance and suggestions for areas of improvement, along with a semester grade from 1-7. Results for individual assessment items are not recorded on reports but can be accessed by students and parents through the SCIS ManageBac portal.



Awarding of an IB Diploma

The minimum threshold for award of the IB Diploma is 24 points, below which the IB Diploma is not awarded. IB Diploma Programme subjects are graded on a 1-7 scale, totalling 42 points for the six subjects. TOK and the EE are graded A–E, with A being the highest grade. These two grades are then combined in the IB Diploma points matrix to contribute between 0 and 3 points to the total, giving a final total out of 45 points. CAS is not assessed but must be completed in order to pass the diploma.

Other requirements for the award of the IB Diploma are:

  • CAS requirements have been met.
  • There is no “N” awarded for TOK, the EE or for a contributing subject. This is when a student does not complete a required assessment piece - either the internal assessment requirements, a submitted external assessment piece, or fails to sit one of the examinations.
  • There is no grade E awarded for TOK and/or the EE.
  • There is no grade 1 awarded in a subject/level.
  • There are no more than two grade 2s awarded (HL or SL).
  • There are no more than three grade 3s or below awarded (HL or SL).
  • The candidate has gained 12 points or more on HL subjects (for candidates who register for four HL subjects, the three highest grades count).
  • The candidate has gained 9 points or more on SL subjects (candidates who register for two SL subjects must gain at least 5 points at SL).
  • The candidate has not received a penalty for academic misconduct from the Final Award Committee.



Awarding of an SCIS High School Diploma

All students at SCIS work toward the WASC accredited SCIS High School Diploma. To attain this diploma and meet graduation requirements, students must complete a minimum of 25 year-long course credits during Grades 9-12, and meet core requirements.


SCIS courses earn 1 credit per year, or 0.5 credits per semester. Students are expected to maintain a full courseload during every year of enrollment. The required credits for graduation are:


Subject Area Credits
Language and Literature / Studies of English Language 4
Language Acquisition (or additional Language and Literature) 3
Individuals and Societies 3
Sciences 3
Mathematics 3
Arts & Design 2
Physical and Health Education 2
Additional Coursework 5
Total Credits 25


Students who fail to obtain the required number of credits through SCIS classes would be required to attain the credits through external methods (such as online classes or additional work completed during holidays), at the discretion of the Vice Principal (Academic).


Students with ILPs under the Learning Support program, may work towards modified expectations, as appropriate.


For students not completing the full IB Diploma, SCIS Core requirements are:


Extended Essay: An individually researched scholarly essay connected to one of the subject groups, supervised by the EE Coordinator and internally assessed.

Creativity, Activity, Service: Engagement in a range of experiences leading to progress toward the CAS Learning outcomes.

Theory of Knowledge: Internally assessed completion of Theory of Knowledge requirements.



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