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Danish School

Danish School in Shanghai has existed for more than 9 years, and every week more than 60 children and adults receive Danish lessons. At every school there is a teacher and a teaching assistant for each team. The teaching is structured around the rules and regulations stipulated by the Danish Education Ministry, and all materials and tests used are also what is used in ordinary Danish schools. We teach from 1. klasse through till 9. klasse

Teaching is based on Skrivevejen, Stavevejen and/or Sådansk, and when children start they will be issued with their own set of materials.  Classes are weekly 90-minute lessons and the students learn basic skills such as reading, writing, grammar, spelling and word vocabulary. 

To participate at SCIS Danish school the students must speak Danish, and as it is not part of SCIS the teachers and materials are paid for by parents.

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