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Athletics are an integral part of the educational program at SCIS-HIS and are conducted on a level consistent with other educational programs in the school.  We have a proud traditional of winning that our championship banners hanging in the gyms can attest to.  More importantly though, we take pride in ensuring our atheltics are done the right way—a way that builds character and leads to a better life.  


A primary goal of our athletic program is to instill in spectators, as well as participants, the principles of good sportsmanship, self-control and fair play, which transcends winning or losing.

High School Athletics

Sports Seasons

  • Fall: Boys/Girls Volleyball.  August – October.
  • Fall: Boys Rugby.  August – October.
  • Winter: Boys/Girls Basketball.  November – January.   
  • Winter: Girls Cheerleading.  November – January.
  • Spring: Boys/Girls Football (Soccer) – January – May.
  • Year Round: Boys/Girls Swimming.

Invitational Tournaments  *when interest warrants

No set date:  Boys/Girls Cross Country*

No set date: Boys/Girls Table Tennis (Ping Pong)*

No set date: Boys/Girls Badminton*

SCIS-HIS competes in the Shanghai International Schools Athletic Conference (SISAC) league. Students participate either at the Junior Varsity level (D2) or at the Varsity level (D1). This is a competitive league and the teams are chosen by the coaches, based on the talent and commitment level of each of the players. Basketball, volleyball, football (soccer), and swimming are offered for both boys and girls, while there are also invitational tournaments for cross-country, table tennis, and badminton when interest warrants.

SCIS-HIS also competes in Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) tournaments.  At the end of each season, teams from around China and Mongolia converge for an elimination style tournament to crown a champion.  

Middle School Athletics

Students may participate in a series of citywide sporting events held under the jurisdiction of China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). The philosophy of the CISSA league is that it is a non-competitive league that focuses on skill development and team play. Games and matches are structured to ensure all students get equal playing time. Coaches and high school students generally officiate the contests and seasons generally run 6-8 weeks.  Teams have one day of practice and one contest per week.

A typical CISSA schedule of athletic events will include tournaments in volleyball, soccer and basketball, while some invitational events, such as cross-country, badminton and swimming may also be scheduled if interest supports it. These events are hosted by international schools around Shanghai and therefore, sometimes involve travel for SCIS-HIS teams.

Lower School Athletics

The China International Schools Sports Association also extends to Lower School athletics.  For CISSA, students from grade 3 and up have opportunities to join intramural sports that take place after school. By doing so, students play games against other international schools in Shanghai, which sometimes requires travel.  In addition to the after school traveling sports teams, in-school athletics take place for the entire student body to participate and enjoy.   Students from grade 3 and up participate in Football Days (Soccer), Swim Meets, and other field games.


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